Alpari review of the online broker

Alpari review, a detailed breakdown of the broker

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"Online trading platforms: Meta Trader 4 (MT4) and Meta Trader 5 (MT5), both platforms offer WebTrader version, for computer (available for Windows operating system, MAC) and mobile application (available for iOS and Android)."

All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose.
Alpari review, a detailed breakdown of the broker
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Alpari broker: Online Trading Platform

Alpari trading platform has over 20 years of experience offering trading services, doing an excellent job and providing access to the foreign exchange market for millions of users. Today, Alpari offers a multi-platform service with advanced technology, as well as new investment options that adapt to financial trends. Based on the feedback from Alpari users reviews, we have put together a detailed picture of the platform's functionality.

 Alpari Features:

  1.  Year founded: 1998
  2. Online trading platforms: Meta Trader 4 (MT4) and Meta Trader 5 (MT5), both platforms offer WebTrader version, for computer (available for Windows operating system, MAC) and mobile application (available for iOS and Android).
  3.  Available financial assets: 33 Forex and 2 Metals pairs (available for Nano and standard accounts); 46 Forex, 2 Metals pairs and 18 CFDs (ECN and PRO ECN accounts).
  4.  Minimum deposit: 0 dollars (for Nano account), the minimum deposit in the Standard account is 20 dollars.
Alpari broker
Alpari broker

Experience with the Alpari Platform

Alpari broker has several online trading platforms, including Meta Trader in its MT4 version (the most widely used by professional traders), MT5 (which has the robustness of its predecessor and includes new features), and a mobile application known as Alpari Mobile.

Alpari MT4 Trading Platform

It is recognized as one of the best platforms for trading, has a friendly interface, and offers a wide variety of functions and graphic tools. Learn about the most outstanding features below:

- It allows you to execute up to 3 types of orders.

- More than 30 graphic indicators to make analysis and predictions of assets.

- More than 30 graphic tools used as technical support in the different operations.

- Users can download MetaTrader 4 Alpari to their computer (available for Windows and MAC).

Alpari MT5 Trading Platform

Although not as popular as MT4, the new version of Meta Trader Alpari offers new features to enhance the experience.

- With MT5, you can execute up to 4 types of orders.

- More than 35 graphical indicators for analyzing patterns and price behavior.

- More than 40 charting tools used to improve trend analysis.

- It has an economic agenda, allowing you to know the most updated news of the international financial markets.

- It offers access to online chat to share experiences with other users.

Alpari Mobile  

Alpari launched its mobile application three years ago to enhance the online platform, allowing more than 400,000 users to track trades, analyze prices, manage funds and open new positions from their mobile phones. Some of the main advantages are listed below:

- Allows you to open new positions quickly.

- Deposits and withdrawals at the time decided by the user.

- It is compatible with Meta Trader MT4 and MT5 platforms.

- Access to economic calendars.

- Display of updated news on the global financial market.

- Alpari download, the official website gives you direct access to the App download centre.

Alpari App
Alpari App

Invest in Alpari

Alpari has been a platform oriented to Forex trading since its inception, however, it has incorporated new trading options that allow diversifying investments.

- Forex: users can trade 33 currency pairs on Nano and Standard accounts (with a spread from 0.2 pips) and up to 46 pairs on ECN accounts (allows a leverage of up to 1: 1000 for trades with a volume 0-700,000).

- Metals: offers 2 Spot Metals (Gold and Silver) to speculate on price fluctuations, the minimum spread for Silver is 0.2 pips and 4 pips for Gold. In addition, Alpari allows a maximum leverage of 1: 500 (for a trade volume from 0 - 400,000).

- CFDs: traders registered with the ECN Alpari account can trade up to 18 instruments with CFDs. The available leverage varies by asset.

Alpari Account Types

Alpari offers up to 7 account types for online trading. Users can choose the one that best suits their goals and financial capacity. From a demo option to accounts designed for professional and experienced traders.

Alpari demo account

This is an option available for the standard account and the ECN account. It allows you to learn most of the functions and trade with virtual funds (no profit or loss). Users can explore the platforms and practice strategies before starting to trade with real money.

Nano MT4 Account 

This account allows you to initiate trades with a minimum deposit (from 0 USD), is designed to initiate the first steps in trading and gain experience. It only uses the MT4 platform with some financial asset and leverage limitations. The maximum lot volume is 10, while the maximum number of open orders is 25. 

Platform Minimum deposit Leverage Available instruments
‎MT4 0 USD 1:500 33 Forex Pairs and 2 Metals

MetaTrader Standard Accounts:

Оpened with a minimum deposit of $20, but allows access to the same financial instruments as the Nano account, the maximum leverage is 1:1000 (may vary depending on trading volume) In addition, users can trade with a maximum volume of 50 lots and up to 500 open orders. It also offers the possibility of using both platforms (under similar trading conditions, only the minimum deposit changes).

MT4 Standard Account:

Platform  Minimum deposit  Leverage Available instruments
 MT4 20 USD  1:10 - 1:1000 33 Forex Pairs and 2 Metals

 MT5 Standard Account:

Platform Minimum deposit  Leverage Available instruments
MT5 100 USD 1:10 - 1:1000 33 Forex Pairs and 2 Metals

ECN Alpari accounts:

In this type of account (Electronic Communication Network), users can find out the prices received by the broker (there is greater transparency and access to better buying and selling prices).

They are aimed at advanced traders with greater investment capital. Alpari offers 3 ECN account options, with access to the 2 Meta Trader platforms (allowing trading of 46 currency pairs, metals and CFDs), as well as the opportunity for greater leverage. The PRO and ECN MT5 accounts have a minimum deposit of $500, while the ECN with MT4 is $300.

MT4 Alpari
MT4 Alpari

ECN MT4 account:

Platform Minimum Deposit Leverage Available Instruments
MT4 300 USD 1:2 - 1:3000 46 Forex Pairs, 2 Metals, 18 CFDs   

MT4 PRO ECN account:

Platform Minimum Deposit Leverage Available Instruments
 MT4 500 USD 1:2 - 1:3000 46 Forex Pairs, 2 Metals, 18 CFDs

ECN MT5 account:

Platform Minimum Deposit  Leverage Available Instruments
MT5 500 USD  1:2 - 1:3000 33 Forex Pairs, 2 Metals, 18 CFDs

Alpari Investments: PAMM Service

The platform offers an additional investment option, aimed at people who wish to invest in the foreign exchange market through managers (registered with Alpari). It is an alternative that allows you to achieve returns without the need to actively trade. Investors with PAMM accounts can follow the operations of their managers and withdraw their profits when they decide to do so. On the other hand, fund management allows for participation in positive operations.

PAMM Accounts:

These are created by investment managers, with the aim of obtaining a return on trading and getting a return on a portion of the profits. Alpari provides 4 types of PAMM Accounts, managers can trade with a Standard version (on both platforms), as well as an ECN version (allows up to 10,000 orders opened on MT5) and PRO ECN. These accounts have offered returns of up to 180,000 % (according to information provided on Alpari's website).

Alpari PAMM account
Alpari PAMM account

PAMM Standard MT4 – MT5

Minimum capital  Minimum investment amount  Leverage
100 USD private account  50 USD 1:10 - 1:1000

PAMM Portfolios:

This is a service that brings together several PAMM accounts and works as a unified fund. With the distribution of the funds it reduces the investment risks with the possibility of obtaining important returns. Currently, there are PAMM portfolios that demonstrate a return of more than 200% and can include more than 100 investors.

Registration Process at Alpari

- Registration with Alpari is completely free of charge. New users must fill out a simple form with personal and contact information (first and last name, telephone number and email address). This registration (without account verification) allows access to the Alpari demo account and the available platforms (MT4 and MT5, which you can download to your computer or mobile phone).

- To start trading on real accounts, account verification is required (identity of the investor through documents, as well as residence address and information about their investment goals at Alpari. Depending on the type of account, Alpari sets a minimum deposit that the investor will have to make to open transactions.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Alpari

The platform offers various payment methods for withdrawal and deposit transactions (these may change depending on the country). Alpari sets a fee per transaction (may vary between 2.5% and 6.3% depending on the payment method for the deposit), while for withdrawals the fee varies between 0.1% and 6%. In addition, depending on the currency used by the investor in his or her payment method, additional conversion fees may be generated.

Alpari Minimum Deposit

 Some accounts have no minimum deposit (the user can choose a minimum amount for trading), while on the Alpari Standard account (using the MT4 platform) the minimum deposit is only $20.

Withdrawal Conditions

 Users must fill out a withdrawal request in accordance with Alpari's policies (terms and conditions of service). In the application, they will need to provide details of the payment method to be used.

Alpari Reviews

Alpari has proven throughout its history to be a broker that offers versatility to investors, has state-of-the-art platforms and can adapt to different investment strategies (including types of investors, from beginners to professionals). Get an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of this important online broker: 

Advantages of the Alpari Trading Platform:

  1.  Extensive experience in the online brokerage market (more than 20 years)
  2.  Offers the most used trading platforms worldwide, including a version for mobile devices.
  3.  Offers innovative investment options (PAMM accounts and portfolios), allowing the possibility of achieving returns without the need to actively participate in the operations.
  4.  Users can have 1 demo account and up to 6 real account types (with different trading conditions).
  5.  It has a training centre for beginner traders, offering basic information about online trading, as well as market strategies and analysis.
  6.  Alpari contests are events that are aimed at all traders. They are organized every month and offer prizes that can exceed a thousand dollars. The prize fund is divided among the traders with the best performance in the contest.

Disadvantages of Alpari

  1.  Transactions on deposits and withdrawals have a commission, however, it is a low flat rate.
  2.  Training content may be limited, although Forex trading contests offer an excellent experience for novice traders.
  3.  The number of instruments that can be traded on CFDs may be limited for professional investors.
Broker: Alpari
Founded in: 1998
Minimum deposit: 20$
Demo account: Free
Commissions & fees: 0,1-25%
Regulation: FCA
Types of Trading:
Stocks and CFD on stocks
CFD on commodities
CFD on stock indices
Visit official website
Broker’s statistic
Broker: Alpari
Founded in: 1998
Minimum deposit: 20$
Demo account: Free
Commissions & fees: 0,1-25%
Regulation: FCA
Types of Trading:
Stocks and CFD on stocks
CFD on commodities
CFD on stock indices