Binary Options Mobile Trading

Binary options mobile trading

July 22, 2021

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Today we will try to discuss a very unusual, but very important topic for modern traders, namely the use of mobile trading applications.

The very possibility of trading away from home has been available to stock traders since the beginning of the 20th century. In those days they used a telephone and a telegraph tape. The speed of order execution was not high, but it was enough to execute deals and trade on large timeframes. Nevertheless, people who were in the trading room had an advantage over those who made transactions remotely.

A century later the situation has changed radically. Trading is conducted through the World Wide Web, and all have equal rights and opportunities.

At the same time, with the advent of full-fledged mobile Internet, it became possible to trade everywhere, in a train, a car, an airplane, etc. However, applications written for cell phones, smartphones, tablets and PDAs are young and imperfect, so you need to be aware of all the pitfalls associated with mobile trading.

IQ Option's mobile app
IQ Option's mobile app

The largest binary options broker in the world, IQ Option, has the coolest mobile app in the industry. Right off the bat, I would like to point out that IQ Option's mobile app was launched more than 5 years ago, when binary options were the most popular, but few people traded from mobile devices. Following their innovative business model, IQ Option has managed to create the best mobile app for binary options trading, both for owners of Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iOS. At the time of writing this review, more than 1 million people have installed the IQ Option mobile application, just think about the numbers! In 2015, the mobile application of the broker was recognized as the best trading application according to IAIR Awards.

Advantages of mobile trading

According to independent surveys, traders who use mobile Forex daily can no longer do without it. Of course, trading on desktop computers is much more convenient and comfortable, but when you need to do something else, mobile trading comes to the rescue. In addition, mobile Forex has several other advantages:

  • Mobility. Thanks to your smartphone or tablet PC with the trading terminal application installed, you can perform trading operations anywhere in the world without being connected to your computer, move freely around town, and follow the news of the financial world, while having fun
  • Small dimensions. Smartphone does not take much space and can be placed in a pocket of pants or jacket, and to carry a laptop requires a bag, which causes additional inconvenience
  • Running time. The battery life of a laptop does not usually exceed 2-3 hours, at the same time the duration of modern mobile devices is 24 hours without additional recharging
  • Availability. Internet coverage is quite stable except for sparsely populated areas, which makes mobile trading accessible to most traders
  • Additional features. There is no need to constantly monitor the market, a special sound signal (alert) will notify you about this or that outcome of trading operation
  • Instant access to personal account. In mobile application you have instant access to your personal account. Account management is also convenient, and deposits and withdrawals are more than intuitive. The mobile app has a full set of account settings
  • News and Financial Analytics

The best versions of mobile binary options trading applications have a built-in news alert function. Traders will be informed instantly on changes of market conditions.

Additional Features of the IQ Option Mobile Platform

Additional Features
Additional Features

On the left side of the chart you can see an indicator of the traders' mood. By the way, many other brokers for some reason do not pay due attention to this indicator and that is why it constantly slows down. In IQ Option this indicator changes every minute. From time to time a window appears on the chart congratulating the three traders who have closed their positions with profit. In addition, the screen below the chart displays the asset with the highest percentage of profit for the current trading session. Of course, we should not forget about the possibility of investing only $1. This is actually the same as trading on a demo account.

Account types available in APP


After downloading the free app, you will be offered the following options: open a real account and create a free demo account that does not require access to your personal data, including your credit card. This is where the creators of the IQ Option platform begin to take care of the user, because for beginners it would be extremely uncomfortable to begin their acquaintance with the binary options market, at the risk of losing the accumulated money. A demo mode was created especially for them which allows them to get $1000 as virtual currency and practice to their fullest. It is worth noting that there are no restrictions on the demo account - all types of options and assets will be available for mastering.

IQ Option - ideal for beginners and experienced traders Experienced traders or beginners who have gained experience in the demo mode must register, where they only need to indicate their email, password and the amount to be deposited for the first time (minimum amount is $10). Various bonuses always appear in the IQ Option application, allowing you to get a bonus to the amount of your first deposit, often reaching 100%. After registration or creation of a demo account, you can immediately start trading - what functions the application IQ Option has in the trading mode, we will consider below.

Real account

  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Minimal price of the option: $1
  • Maximum Option price: $5000
  • Methods of deposit/withdrawal: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney, CashU, LiqPay, EasyPay, iDeal, Fasapay, Neteller, Boleto

VIP account

VIP accounts on the IQ Option platform are only available to traders residing outside the European Economic Area.

IQ Option offers traders the opportunity to open a VIP account. Opening an account requires more deposits than regular accounts. But is it worth it? Yes. This account has perks that regular account holders do not have. These perks make it easier to trade and earn profits.


  • One of the main advantages VIP account holders have over other traders is the higher profitability of successful trades.
  • Profitability can be as high as 92%. This means that even if you have loss-making trades, it is easier for you to recoup your losses with a few profitable trades compared to a regular account holder.
  • Another benefit of being an IQ Option VIP is that you get a personal account manager. The account manager simply helps you with any problems you have with your trading account. This allows you to concentrate on your trading. Another perk of a VIP account is faster withdrawal processing.

Many of the VIP withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. As a VIP account holder, you will have access to all the tournaments offered by IQ Option. Some high-paying tournaments are not available to regular account holders. As a new VIP account holder, you will also receive four quality trading eBooks. This will get you started trading faster.

There are 4 trading eBooks available for VIP members.


  • Up to 60% refund for false forecasts
  • Bonuses up to 120% for deposit
  • Term of processing of the withdrawal request up to 1 day
  • Personal manager
  • Monthly analysis of trades by IQOption analysts
  • Deposit from 1000$

Methods of deposit/withdrawal: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney, CashU, LiqPay, EasyPay, iDeal, Fasapay, Neteller, Boleto

Assets available for trading in app

Assets available for trading in app
Assets available for trading in app

IQ Option are trying to keep up with technological advances and have recently launched digital options, People are finding this option more and trading convenient. digital options come with a number of advantages. To begin with, you can make up to 900% profit on successful trades. Your potential profit will depend on your strike price. In addition, you can only lose as much as you put in, and the best part is that you can get out of the market if you feel your losses are too great. You can also do this to lock in profits. Trading position expiration time is 1 to 5 minutes.


IQ Options offers a wide range of commodities, including oil, gold and silver. Trading in commodities is the best choice if you want to hold your position for a long period of time.


ETFs are more like stocks. They come with some pro's, the main one being that they give traders the ability to diversify their portfolio and buy as many stocks as they can afford. They have the ability to buy as little as one stock.


IQ Option is one of the few brokers who offer their traders more than CFDs on stocks, all of the well-known companies from around the world.


Forex is one of the favorite training assets of the people at IQ Option, and you can take advantage of these assets and profit up to X1000, especially if you are a trader from a non-European country. For European traders, you can use returns up to X30.

IQ Option Forex
IQ Option Forex

FX Options

Forex Options are mainly suitable for European traders. Most traders prefer to combine them with an online option to get the best returns. If done well and in case of successful trades, you have a chance to make unlimited profits with limited losses. When trading with a digital option, you will notice that you need to choose an execution price that you think will work best for you and one that you think will reach your financial instrument. The platform will then calculate your potential return automatically. It will also show you potential losses if something goes wrong. FX options you have an expiration time of up to one hour, and you can exit the trade to minimize your losses or lock in a profit before it expires.


Cryptocurrencies are another type of asset that is gaining popularity in the market today. Fortunately with IQ Option, you will have access to over 11 cryptocurrencies and they give you the opportunity to earn as much as possible with these currencies. They offer unique and high performance cryptocurrencies that you may not find anywhere else. For example, with Bitcoin, you can use up to X100, which can increase your profit and loss potential. You should note, however, that cryptocurrency leverage is only for traders based outside of the EEA.


This broker allows its traders to invest in 11 of the most significant major indices. You also get up to X 150 leverage when you trade the indices at IQ Options.

How to install the application

IQ Option Mobile App for Android

The mobile application is at the top of GooglePlay Market on the request "binary options", and even if you look for competitive brokers, IQ Option will flash on your screens sooner or later. After a quick installation of the application you can either log in with your account, or create a new one, and you don't need any authorization or registration to trade on a demo account, which is very convenient. The design of the trading platform for mobile devices is very nice and easy to use. Everything is clear, and the multifunctionality of the application is great. You can change the display of the chart (4 types), as well as add indicators to the chart (4 pieces), or add auxiliary lines for technical analysis of trade. That is, IQ Option has managed to make an identical trading platform for mobile devices, on which trading is almost no different from trading on a computer.

As with other brokers, the iOS mobile application does not differ from the Android application.

The IQ Option mobile application is available for use on all the latest iPhone and iPad models that have iOS version 7.0 and above. It is also noteworthy that the application is translated into 16 languages and is recognized as the most popular financial application in 28 countries. In our previous reviews, we also noted the frequency of updates of the mobile application, and IQ Option is not lagging behind its competitor. The last update was recorded one day before writing the review. It should be noted that the interface is constantly upgraded and new functions are added as well as the work of some tools of the application is optimized. Perfection has no limits and IQ Option developers work hard not to lose their leadership at the market of mobile binary options trading.

Advantages of mobile version of IQ Option:

  • Quality design and convenient platform
  • Quick support service (24/7)
  • A number of charts and indicators
  • Full-fledged demo account without registration
  • Wide range of trading assets
  • Insurance of transactions
  • Profitability up to 91%
  • Historical quotes

The disadvantage of the mobile version of IQ Opton may be the rare complaints that there are problems with the stability of the application.

In conclusion, I would like to say that IQ Option mobile application is innovative, very easy to use with a lot of additional tools and a wide range of trading assets, without any delays and according to many reviews is the leader in the market of mobile applications for trading binary options.

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