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Binary options with low minimum deposit

August 05, 2021

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What are binary options?

A binary option is a speculative financial operation that takes place on an exchange or, more often, the over-the-counter market. Formally, the transaction consists of the payment of a certain value of the option to the seller, with a pre-agreed right for the buyer to receive, and the obligation for the seller to pay in the future, a fixed amount when the conditions also pre-agreed upon the conclusion of the transaction - for example, increase/decrease in the price of the object of the option. Otherwise, the buyer of the option loses all of the invested funds.

Binary option
Binary option

Forward transactions have been practiced in the securities market for centuries. This is a way to buy, for example, a harvest that has not yet been harvested. The price of goods in such agreements is negotiated in advance. Thus the buyer insures himself against a possible rise in price, and the seller - against its fall. Since not all deals with goods or securities were accompanied by actual sale, one party of the forward transaction could not buy/sell the subject of the transaction but pay the other party the difference between the amount already paid and the price of the asset at the moment of transaction closure, and the other party would get this sum as profit.

Options appeared as a result of the development of forward transactions. Their difference is that one party receives the right (but not the obligation) to purchase a commodity (or perform some other action) in the future at a price determined at the time of purchase of the option.

To give you an example: we have purchased a stock for 1,000 notional units. To protect ourselves from a decline in their price, we buy an option to buy these shares for 1000 conventional units. The price of the option is 50 conventional units. If the securities fall in value - we will execute the option and lose only 50 c.u. even if our assets are completely devalued.

Traders used to go to the stock exchange to trade currencies or stocks. Now trades in all types of assets at different exchanges are made over the Internet. Because the quotes are displayed in real time and the transactions are made in one click, there are many simple but questionable ways to increase your income through asset price fluctuations. For example, binary options.

To trade binary options, you need to choose a broker, open an account with him and download the terminal, or trade in your browser. The essence of trading is that the trader guesses whether the price of the chosen asset will rise or fall. The direction is chosen by two buttons: "Above" or "Below" (Call and Put). If the prediction comes true after a set period of time, the trader will receive the invested money and profit. The assets themselves are not purchased.

There are only two sources of funding for profits from stock market operations:

  • from the loss of players who have made the opposite bet;
  • from the growth of the real value of the asset (interest on shares, bonds, etc.), which is associated with the production of value or growth of the market price of the resource.

Why choose a low deposit binary options broker?

This term is commonly used to refer to the amount that needs to be deposited in order to start trading. Brokers offer a variety of minimum deposits, you can start with as little as $200. But does the investor need it?

Minimum deposit
Minimum deposit

Earnings through binary options are incredibly popular; they make it possible for absolutely any interested user to make remote, stable profits from home. All you need is an internet connection and the desire to improve your binary options trading experience and earn more money. However, it is binary options that are the most accessible market, which is also attractive. In order to buy and sell options you only need a minimum amount of money. Usually it is 10$ as a deposit and 1$ as the size of one order to enter the market.

When making a deal, you always want to earn a lot of money in case of success, especially when the profit percentage is 70-80%. In order to get more money - you need to invest more, but for this purpose you need not a minimum deposit but more.

Popular binary options with a low minimum deposit of $250 specify a minimum initial option value of $25. This is 10% of the deposit, which is a good value - making an investment of a larger amount is not recommended, as one should always consider the risk of loss. It is best if the trader will buy an option at a price not exceeding 5%.

When trading, experienced traders do not recommend to focus on the minimum deposit of $250, and have your head on your shoulders and try to provide yourself with good insurance, having a deposit of $ 1000-3000.

Best binary options brokers with low minimum deposit:

IQ option – $10

This binary options broker with a minimum deposit of $10 provides:

  • Free and perpetual demo account for $1,000 with the possibility of rebalancing;
  • Functional trading platform, about the features of which you can write a separate article;
  • Responsive and professional support service.


Binary – $5

Are you familiar with BetOnMarkets? That was the name of Binary from 2000 to 2013. What can 16 years of experience tell? Only about reliability and trust on the part of the trader. Experience and the minimum deposit of $5 are not the only features of the company. These include:

Binary is a broker with a minimum bet of $1 and a deposit of $5 will suit both beginners and experienced traders.

OlympTrade – $10

One of the youngest binary options low minimum deposit brokers with a minimum bet of just $1. But despite this, OlympTrade has already been chosen by 370,000 traders to whom the company has paid more than $3 million. 

Binomo – $10

Another binary options broker with a minimum bet of $1 and a deposit of $10. Besides honesty, reliability and low entry threshold to start trading, the advantages of the broker are:

GrangCapital – $10

A Forex broker that has been operating for 10 years. But GrandCapital is also popular among binary traders, because its trading conditions are among the best.

Instaforex – $10

Another forex broker in our list, which provides the opportunity to trade binary options. In the reliability of the broker no one can even doubt. And this is the main quality, because we need only proven binary options brokers with a minimum deposit.

VerumOption – $5

Do you know a broker that offers to start trading with a smaller minimum deposit, but is just as stable? If yes, share the name in the comments. Verum has long ago proved its reliability and no one has to doubt its solvency.

All of the above binary options brokers with minimum bets from $1. VerumOption is no exception.

Migesco – $10

Until recently, the minimum deposit at this broker was only $10. Now it has risen slightly, but not significantly. You can start trading by depositing a personal account balance of $15 or more. The minimum value of the contract when trading - $2.

Vospari – $10

A proven broker with a minimum deposit of $10 and an audience of more than 3 million traders. The company has recently made a major upgrade, in which it has improved the trading platform and the site as a whole.

All of these organizations provide binary options low deposit services.

The main advantage of binary options is the ability to make quick money. But many beginners are also attracted by the fact that it is possible to start trading with a small investment. Even 200-300 dollars is not much. After all, to make money on the same Forex, you need more.

But among them there are those, who offer a beginner to try themselves in trading without risking serious sums. Below we will briefly recall 8 binary options brokers with a minimum deposit of no more than 10 dollars.

What is the minimum trade amount for binary options?

The minimum transaction amount for binary options low minimum deposit depends on the brokerage organization providing the services.

Examples of brokerage organizations with the minimum transaction amount for binary options:

  • Vospari – 1$
  • Utrader – 20$
  •  IQ option – 1$
  • Binary – 1$

After reading about how easy it is to trade binary options, many traders immediately want to take up this fascinating business. However, not everyone is ready to open a large trading account right away. Risking a large amount at the very beginning of the binary options trader's career is not very reasonable.

Before deciding to trade on a small deposit, you should make sure that such an opportunity is provided by a BO broker. It must be remembered that not all companies are interested in opening small accounts for their clients and this is understandable: the broker's earnings from such a deposit are quite insignificant.

Should a binary options strategy for a small amount be different from the TS for a large deposit? As practice shows, a small account requires more responsibility and concentration from the trader, for which there are several reasons:

  • First of all, it should be understood that any mistake has a negative impact on the size of the deposit, and given its small size, the trade can come to an end very quickly. When the account is relatively large, it is not so critical, because there is always room for maneuver;
  • Small initial capital does not allow to quickly increase the deposit. If the money management rules are observed, the Trader will not invest into transactions more than a certain percentage of the account size.
  • This means that profit from the transaction will be very insignificant and the account will only gradually grow;
  • This kind of trading pays much attention to the quality, not the quantity of transactions. At least 75% of them must be positive. A smaller percentage of profitable trades will not give the desired result.

How to open a real account in South Africa?

Binary options trading in South Africa has become an increasingly popular market in recent years as more and more investors seek to open trading accounts online. As awareness of this particular method grows, so does the number of international brokers offering their services.

Once you have gained experience with binary options and determination to change your wealth for the better, you need to fund your trading account.

The first thing to do is to go to the official website of IQ Option, the main page of which contains the registration form.

To create a real account, you need to register for binary options trading.

Account registration
Account registration

Fill in all the available fields, indicating your name, surname, e-mail address and make up a password, which will protect your personal account in iq option from strangers and intruders.

After entering all the data, press the "Real account" button.

How to deposit?

But, naturally, you will not be able to make trades in iqoption yet. In order to do so, you will need to top up your balance by depositing some initial capital. Click on the appropriate button in the upper right corner and get to the top-up page.

Account replenishment
Account replenishment

It is necessary to choose a suitable way of depositing, of which IQ Option has more than 10. Starting from payment and credit cards, and ending with electronic purses in various payment systems.

Payment methods
Payment methods

What is the minimum deposit in South Africa?

Traders are offered two different types of accounts to register with IQ Option. These are:

  • Standard: a minimum deposit  in South Africa of $10. It offers access to over 350 scores for trading. 24 hour withdrawal processing is also available with the main account. Non-EU customers get access to the various trading competitions that are regularly held on the platform.
  • VIP: Available to traders with a deposit of $1,900 or more for a 2-day period. This account has many benefits, such as a personal manager, monthly reports, and an extra 3% profit margin. Unfortunately, VIP accounts are only available to traders who are outside the EEA