How a Olymp Trade VIP Account Can Help You Be a Better Trader

How to Get Olymp Trade VIP Account Status and Unlock VIP Account Features

June 20, 2021

⚡️⚡️An in-depth guide that covers everything you need to know about having an Olymp Trade VIP account. Learn more about VIP features, benefits, and how to become one.⚡️⚡️

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Want to get started in online trading? In your search, you’ve probably come across Olymp Trade before as one of the most widely used trading platforms. While it’s a great choice for many reasons, there is another good reason to consider signing up: the Olymp Trade VIP account

An Olymp Trade VIP account comes with a number of benefits to help you become a more informed and profitable trader.

You might already be attracted to Olymp Trade because of their user-friendly or high profitability trades. OlympTrade is also a category A member of the Financial Commission (FinaCOM PLC) and carries a VerifyMyTrade-certified for excellent and transparent market execution. It also enables you to do Forex online trading alongside regular market trading.

However, the only drawback is that you might feel limited by the restrictions of the Standard Olymp Trade account. For example, you’ll have to make do with:

  • The risk of losing money on all your trades (big or small)
  • Maximum trade profitability of 82%
  • Withdrawal times of up to two days
  • Maximum trading limit of $2,000 per trade
  • A limit number of advisors, trading instruments, and indicators

While these factors won’t necessarily cause you to lose money, they will slow down your progress and keep you from operating at maximum efficiency.

You probably already can’t wait to learn more about how you can benefit from Olymp Trade’s VIP account, so let’s get into it.

What is Olymp Trade VIP Status?

First of all, anyone can create a free Olymp Trade account and start practicing in demo mode with make-believe money. As soon as you make a deposit, you’ll have a Standard account status, allowing you to make real-life trades in real-life markets.

However, for those who want more out of their online trading experience, Olymp Trade also provides a VIP status. If you qualify, you’ll unlock extra benefits and rewards to help you trade more profitably and upgrade your experience.

There are actually different levels of VIP status you can qualify for with Olymp Trade. A higher-tier VIP status will even more benefits. The three account levels you can access with Olymp Trade VIP and their requirements are:

  • Standard: You can open a standard account by depositing $10 USD to your Olymp Trade account, this is the standard minimum deposit amount that Olym Trade supports.
  • Advanced: This is the first VIP-level account. You can qualify for this account by making a minimum deposit of $2,000 or more.
  • Expert: The top-level VIP account. You can qualify for Expert account status by making a minimum deposit of $5,000 or more.
Olymp Trade VIP account
Olymp Trade VIP account

Opening an Olymp Trade VIP Account is as simple as making a minimum deposit, starting at $2,000.

You can see the VIP status badges next to the appropriate deposit amounts in the image below:

Olymp Trade account
Olymp Trade account

For those who are more patient and don’t have the liquidity to make these large deposits there is another way to qualify for VIP status. With Olymp Trade, you get experience points for actively trading on their platform as well as completing events, daily tasks, and achievements. 

If you get enough experience points and level up your account far enough, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the next VIP status and get to enjoy its benefits. You need to reach at least level 12 to unlock Advanced and the maximum level 16 to unlock Expert. In between, certain levels will extend your status for periods of 12 hours and longer.

As a final bonus, you can unlock deposit bonuses as well as reduce the minimum deposit amount need for Advanced or Expert status by gaining experience.

Leveling up can also reward you with a 30-day extension of your current VIP status. In this case, you won’t have to make the same minimum deposit to keep your VIP privileges.

That being said, it will take quite some time and a lot of activity to level up to Expert, or even Advanced, status. So, making the minimum deposit is definitely a shortcut to getting the premium Olymp Trade experience.

Olymp Trade will revise your status eligibility every 30 days. If you don’t trade actively enough or have a low balance, your status may be lowered or your account closed.

What Privileges Do You Get With VIP Status?

As mentioned, there are two different VIP account levels with Olymp Trade, each with its own benefits and privileges. Let’s look and compare both Advanced and Expert status, so you can see what you stand to gain:

Here are the benefits you get with an Advanced Olymp Trade account:

  • Profitability up to 85% on two return assets in the fixed time mode
  • Withdrawal times of 1 day
  • Maximum trading limit of up to $4,000 USD
  • 1x Risk-free trade for $100 USD
  • Open up to 20 trading positions at the same time
  • A free consultation with a personal trader once a month
  • Unlock 7 more built-in trading strategies for FTT and 6 for Forex
  • Access to private webinars and the special materials section to learn more about trading
  • Up to 10% discount on the position opening fee for Forex trades

Remember that aside from these status privileges, you can unlock even more benefits by continuing to level up your account from Advanced to Expert. These include deposit bonuses, lowering the minimum deposit for qualifying for Expert status, new indicators and trading signals, and extending your VIP status.

And, here are the benefits you get with an Expert Olymp Trade account:

  • Profitability up to 92% on two return assets in the fixed time mode
  • Withdrawal times of 12 hours
  • Maximum trading limit of up to $5,000 USD for Fixed Time Trades and $4,000 for Forex
  • 2x Risk-free trade for $100 USD in Fixed Time Mode
  • 1x Risk-free trade for $50 USD in Fixed Time Mode
  • Open up to 30 positions at the same time
  • One-one one training and a personal analyst
  • Unlock 12 more built-in trading strategies for FTT and 15 for Forex
  • Private webinars and access to the Special Materials section
  • Exclusive investment ideas every day
  • Up to 20% discount on the position opening fee for Forex trades

The first question you probably have is what is a risk-free trade? Well, these are trades where Olymp Trade will return your original trade amount to you if you lose your trade. However, if you win the trade, you will still be able to keep whatever you earned. So, essentially, you get at least one $100 free trade without any chance of losing your money. 

The catch is that you decide at the beginning of the trade how long until it’s closed automatically. That’s why it’s called “Fixed Time Mode.”

How a VIP Account Can Help You Make More Profit

As everyone experienced in online trading knows, you need to be able to make informed decisions if you want to achieve success. One of the biggest ways in which VIP status helps you make profitable trades is by providing you with more indicators and signals to analyze the market. The same goes for online Forex trading.

For example, with a Standard account, you only have access to the Moving Averages advisor as you can see here:

Olymp Trade
Olymp Trade

This is useful for making limited trend-based trades but doesn’t give you much deeper insights into how and why the market is moving in a certain direction.

With Advanced or Expert Olymp Trade VIP status, you unlock many more indicators and signals. These will broaden your perspective to include analysis about momentum, volume, and volatility-related indicators, allowing you to trade much more accurately.

Making your first trade can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. However, VIP status gives you a set number of risk-free trades based on your status level. Let’s say that you have an Expert account and make a $100 buy call. If the market your betting on goes down, you’ll lose everything on your initial trade and have to start from scratch.

By using one of your risk-free trades, Olymp Trade will return your $100 even if you were supposed to lose it. However, if you made a winning bet and your profit shot up to $250, Olymp Trade will let you keep your profits.

Another obvious way you’ll be able to earn more is through higher profitability margins in fixed trade mode. So, where you would only earn a maximum of $82 Fixed Time Mode trade with Standard status, you can make up to $92 if you make the exact same trade with an Expert account.

Last, but not least, it’s hard to ignore all the one-on-one attention you’ll get with an Olymp Trade VIP account. Learning everything there is to know about trading on your own can be extremely challenging. However, with a personal account advisor as well as additional, premium learning resources, you’ll be able to climb that mountain much faster.

You can find more information about the broker here.