Pocket Option Desktop App

One-Click Registration on PocketOption
After you have downloaded and installed the PocketOption desktop application on your PC, you will land on the demo trading page. Click "CONTINUE DEMO TRADING" to start trading with $ 50,000 in a demo account.
To continue using the account, save your trading results, and start trading on a real account, click "Registration" to create a PocketOption account.
You’ll have two options: Register using your email address or your Google account, as shown below.
Register on PocketOption via Google Account
You can register a PocketOption account using Google. If you wish to do so, follow these steps.
  1. Click the "Google" button.
In the opened window, select your Google account or enter your phone number or email address and click "Next."
Then enter the password for your Google account and click "Next."
After that, you’ll be directed to your PocketOption dashboard.
If you want to use a demo account, click "Trading" and "Quick Trading on a Demo Account."
Now you can start trading. You have $ 1,000 on your demo account.
Using a demo account is an excellent way to learn how to trade and get the hang of things without worrying about losing your own funds.
To start real-time trading, you need to make an investment in your account (the minimum investment amount is $ 50).
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