About tournaments
Tournaments on the Pocket Option platform consist of a closed group of users trading the same asset with an identical starting balance. The winner is the one who achieves the highest profit. Typically, depending on the tournament settings, the top three participants claim prize positions rewarded with monetary prizes. All transactions occur using virtual balances, ensuring that real account funds are not used during tournament participation.
Finding information about tournaments
To access details about a specific tournament and its conditions, click on the tournament of interest to open a new window with specifics: description, goals, and conditions.
Participation in the tournament
To participate in a tournament, users must undergo an account verification process.
After confirming the account, navigate to the "Registration" tab and confirm participation.
Tournament feature RE-BUY
This feature adds 100 units of tournament currency when your balance falls below 100. To replenish the tournament account, simply press the "Additional Purchase" button in the top right corner of the trading interface.
In the opened window, select the "Re-buy" tab and confirm the action.
Claiming tournament prizes
To claim a prize, open the "Progress" tab, select the tournament from the "History" that you’ve won, and click "Claim Prize."
Please note that the tournament rating is based on the profit earned, not the current balance.
Attention: According to the platform’s rules and conditions, funds won in a free tournament can only be withdrawn after making a deposit.
An achievement is a reward for trading activity. Traders must fulfill specific conditions to unlock achievements. The achievements menu can be found on the left panel of the trading interface.
Unlocked achievements provide a certain number of gemstones and experience points. Gemstones can be used to purchase trading advantages in the Market, while experience points increase your account level and allow you to acquire more valuable items in the Market.
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